Phoenix Whistleblowing and False Claims Lawyer

What can you do if you’re involved in a whistleblowing or false claims matter in Phoenix and the surrounding areas? Regardless of whether you are an employee or an employer, these matters are serious. For employees who are whistleblowers, exposing the false claims filed by an employer can result in serious situations. For employers who are wrongfully accused of filing false claims, qui tam lawsuits can cost them serious time and money. The Foster Group is here to help. Schedule your confidential case evaluation with our employment law attorneys now. 

What Is Whistleblowing? 

Whistleblowing happens when someone, in this instance, an employee, reports an entity, such as their employer, for doing something that is illegal. It could be illegal waste, abuse, corruption, fraud, or creating a danger to public safety or health. 

The website,, discusses the whistleblower protection program. This program exists because employees have the legal right to report to their employers if it is unsafe to work there or if they are doing something that is illegal. OSHA enforces more than 20 whistleblower statutes across many different industries. 

Yet, one of the most important protections provided by OSHA and its whistleblowing protection program is that it protects employees against retaliation. This is essential because if an employee reports an employer for breaking the law or endangering the public’s health or safety, they should not need to fear losing their job or other negative actions.  

What Are False Claims? 

False claims are claims made within the healthcare system. The False Claims Act (FCA) states that anyone who knowingly submits or causes another person or entity to submit a false claim or statement to get a false or fraudulent claim paid or approved for payment of government funds violates the False Claims Act. There are serious penalties for violating the False Claims Act. It’s an act of fraud. 

So, if an employer makes false claims knowingly or even if they should have known that what they did was a violation of the False Claims Act, they are committing an act of fraud. 

Are Employees in Phoenix Protected If They Report Employers? 

Employees in Phoenix are protected as whistleblowers for reporting false claims. They are also protected for reporting their employers if something illegal has occurred. In addition to the federal protection that exists for whistleblowers, Arizona also offers protection for employees through the Arizona Employment Protection Act. This Act protects employees in several ways, including preventing employers from firing employees who provide information that may concern the public or that report illegal or unethical business practices. 

How Can an Employment Lawyer from The Foster Group Help? 

Regardless of whether you’re an employee or an employer looking for help with a whistleblowing or false claims matter, The Foster Group has experienced Phoenix whistleblowing and false claims attorneys ready to help. Our Phoenix office has a deep understanding of both the federal and the state laws that may impact your claims. It’s crucial to schedule your confidential consultation now so that evidence can be preserved. Don’t wait – schedule now