Phoenix Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Even in an at-will state such as Arizona, most employees feel relatively safe in their jobs. Yet, according to the ACLU, over 150,000 are wrongfully terminated each year. What is wrongful termination in Phoenix? Are there any federal and state laws that protect employees? If you’re involved in a wrongful termination claim in Phoenix or the surrounding area, The Foster Group provides confidential initial case evaluations. Schedule yours now. 

What Is Considered Wrongful Termination in Phoenix? 

Although Arizona is an at-will state, there are times when employers are not allowed to terminate employees. Doing so is considered “wrongful termination.” Wrongful termination means that an employee was fired in a way that violates the law. Some of the ways that wrongful termination occurs include, but may not be limited to, when an employer fires an employee:

  • As a form of discrimination. This includes, but is not limited to, physical or mental disabilities as well as the Title VII protected classes. 
  • Due to a medical condition. Employers are required to take reasonable steps to accommodate illnesses and injuries of employees. 
  • Because the employee reported safety concerns or illegal activities of the employer. 
  • Because the employee took time off for jury duty or other required public service.
  • And violated their employment contract or the company handbook in some way. 

However, there are several steps involved in proving a wrongful termination lawsuit. This is crucial for both employees and employers to know. Employers who are looking to fight wrongful termination claims must know what to expect. Employees who believe they have a wrongful termination claim must also know what they are expected to prove. 

Regardless of whether you’re an employee or employer, you need the assistance of an experienced Phoenix wrongful termination attorney. Schedule your confidential consultation now with The Foster Group.  

Is Wrongful Termination Prevented by Federal Law? 

Wrongful termination is prevented under several federal laws. It depends primarily on the circumstances surrounding the wrongful termination. For example, if an employee was wrongfully terminated because of a form of discrimination, they would file an EEOC claim because it would violate Title VII. If they were fired because of a medical condition or injury instead of receiving a reasonable accommodation, this would be a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If the employee were fired for reporting illegal activities, this would be a violation of the federal Whistleblowers Protection Act. 

Does Arizona Law Protect Employees from Wrongful Termination?

Arizona law does protect employees from wrongful termination, depending on the reason for the termination. Under Arizona law, employers cannot fire an employee for many of the same reasons listed under federal law. This includes discrimination, an employee having a medical condition or injury, whistleblowing, and employers violating the company handbook or employment agreements, among other things. 

Under Arizona law, employees only have one year after they are fired to file their legal claim. If you’re an employee and you believe that you’ve been wrongfully terminated, schedule your confidential consultation with a Phoenix wrongful termination lawyer right away. 

How a Phoenix Employment Lawyer Can Help You with a Wrongful Termination Case

Whether you’re an employer looking to understand your rights or an employee who believes that you were wrongfully terminated, The Foster Group is here to help. Schedule your confidential consultation with our Phoenix wrongful termination attorneys.