The Employment Law Representation That Savvy CEOs Need

Being the chief executive officer of a company is a position to which many people aspire. However, for those who have already achieved the rank of company CEO, their position comes with a great deal of responsibilities and obligations. Many of these involve employees and how the business is handled.

If you are a CEO looking for assistance with employment law issues, The Foster Group is here to help. With over two decades of experience, firm founder attorney Troy P. Foster is dedicated to providing support, representation and guidance to CEOs throughout Arizona. His intricate knowledge of high-level employment issues stems from his previous experience as a chief human resources officer.

Mr. Foster combines that past insight with his vast legal knowledge to put together a strategy that protects your rights and interests as CEO. The team at The Foster Group is dedicated to making a difference for you.

Issues That CEOs And Owners Often Face

There are a wide range of issues that CEOs and owners must address throughout the lives of their businesses and their time in charge. Whether it impacts their position directly or involves how employee issues are handled, The Foster Group provides confident handling of matters involving:

  • Compensation agreements: CEO compensation is typically the largest at a company. As CEO, you want to ensure that any contracts and agreements protect your rights and the compensation to which you are entitled. The team at The Foster Group helps clients address compensation-related issues involving equity-based compensation agreements, deferred compensation and other income arrangements.
  • Compliance audits: It is important to ensure that your company is in compliance with all state and federal laws at all times. Governmental agencies will often come in and audit the business for I-9 compliance as well as compliance with U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines. The firm can help ensure that you are in compliance as well as protect you if problems are found with the business’s compliance.
  • CEO liability: Depending on the specifics of a situation, it is important to note that there are cases in which CEOs are held personally responsible. This can include omissions and acts by the CEO in a personal or professional capacity as well as instances of piercing the corporate veil. You need a lawyer on your side who can protect your rights and personal assets in the event that legal liability is in question.

Proactive Planning

Not all employment law issues need to be addressed as they arise. In many situations, the firm can work with clients to implement proactive strategies and training designed to prevent problems before they can get out of control. This can include handling employee trainings and training manuals, document review, workplace policies, guidelines regarding trade secrets and more.

Talk To Someone Who Knows CEOs

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