Human Resources Attorneys in Phoenix

Working in human resources comes with weighty responsibilities. You must follow many rules — while making sure that everyone in your organization is following them as well. When disputes arise within the workplace, your job can get very complicated, very quickly.

Turn to The Foster Group in Phoenix. Founding attorney Troy Foster is a former human resources director and corporate privacy officer. His background gives him exceptional insight into both the challenges you face and the strategies available to overcome them. Mr. Foster is keenly aware that you need more than a pat legal answer or idealistic theory; you need practical advice and real-world solutions that will achieve your goals.

Professional Mediation When You Need It

Mr. Foster is uniquely equipped to act as a go-between, helping Arizona employees and HR departments resolve their concerns through mediation. Serving as a judge, mediator and arbitrator for many years, he has successfully helped numerous parties reach mutually acceptable agreements. He is also the former vice president of HR Resolutions Group and Mediation.

Employers can rest assured that Mr. Foster fully understands their business needs and constraints. Employees can also gain confidence from Mr. Foster’s hands-on experience in the HR world, knowing that he can explain exactly what to expect and how to move forward in the best manner possible.

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