Health Care Provider Representation in Phoenix

Both the state of Arizona and the federal government have myriad laws in place governing the medical industry. These laws are always changing, making them particularly challenging to navigate successfully.

That is where highly experienced legal counsel comes into play. The Foster Group regularly represents hospitals, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), physician groups and individual providers both in legal matters and in consulting for general compliance and government audits.

Attorney Troy Foster is former general counsel and senior director of legal affairs for a health care center, giving him unique insight into the issues faced by health care providers. For decades, he has provided keen legal assistance with:

  • Compliance reviews
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Employment agreements
  • FQHC consultation
  • Government relations and lobbying
  • HIPAA issues
  • Independent consulting/auditing
  • Medicare/Medicaid issues
  • Partnership agreements
  • Policy and procedure review and drafting
  • Provider contract reviews
  • The Joint Commission certification compliance

Maintaining Compliance

Federal, state and local laws are in place to ensure patients receive the best possible care, that Medicaid is billed correctly, etc. For this reason, audits are a fact of life for health care providers. However, they often come with unexpected pitfalls. The Foster Group can help you verify that you are up to date with the most current laws and guide you through the regulations and requirements that are expected of you. The firm can also help you avoid future complications by anticipating upcoming legal changes.

What If My Employer Isn’t Complying With The Law?

If you believe your employer is failing to comply with the law — either through false billing, illegal discrimination or other wrongdoing — you have the right and responsibility to report it. The law protects you from retaliation if you choose to “blow the whistle” on illegal activity. Let attorney Troy Foster fully explain your rights and options.

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