Protecting The Interests Of CFOs And Other Executives

Chief financial officers and other high-level executives at a company are often involved in making many decisions for the business. Finances are often the backbone of a company, and this creates a large responsibility for the CFO. However, there are many issues that CFOs and other executives face regarding their own positions and employees who work for them.

The team at The Foster Group provides employment law representation to CFOs throughout Arizona. As a former chief human resources officer, firm founder Troy P. Foster understands firsthand the havoc that labor, administrative and business disputes can have on a company’s operation.

Providing ethics and responsibility advice, the firm’s attorneys work to help CFOs and executives prevent problems before they snowball out of control. When such issues cannot be avoided, however, Mr. Foster aids those we represent to achieve efficient and favorable resolutions, whether through alternative dispute resolution, negotiation or litigation.

Handling All Types Of Legal Matters

You can trust the firm with a wide range of issues, from simple to complex, including:

  • CFO and executive benefits: Being in a leadership position also comes with compensation and benefits that suit the level of responsibility and involvement that these employees have in the company. It is essential that any benefits you receive, such as stock options, be protected. Compensation should be laid out in a plain, easy-to-understand fashion as well so that all parties understand what the deferred compensation, equity-based compensation or other compensation terms are.
  • Employment agreements: Not only does a CFO need to have a comprehensive employment agreement that supports their relationship with the business in a monetary fashion, but CFOs often oversee other employment agreements and contracts offered to employees as well. Whether the contract needs to be drafted, revised or negotiated on behalf of the CFO or from the business to an employee, the team at The Foster Group can help.
  • Mergers: CFOs are often tasked with the financial side of mergers with other businesses, determining the right prices and how the mergers will impact the current financial situation of their businesses. A lawyer can assist in reviewing documents and vetting businesses with which to merge.

The Benefits Of Having A Lawyer

While a CFO has a great deal of knowledge regarding a wide range of issues that impact their company, having an attorney working with them can add additional risk management and layers of protection for the business. Your lawyer can advise on a wide range of issues involving wage and hour matters, separation agreements, employment contracts, protecting business-customer relationships, employee leave of absence guidelines and more. Working together, you and your counsel can support the future success of the business.

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The legal team at the firm is dedicated to protecting CFOs and other executives throughout the terms of their employment and after. To learn more about your options, schedule a confidential consultation by calling 602-461-7990. You can also reach the firm’s Phoenix or Prescott offices by using the online contact form.