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Health Care

“We have consulted Troy’s expertise to give guidance on a variety of internal policies and procedures relating to our health care institution. We have phone call discussions to specify our exact needs and concerns and we received both follow-up calls and email communication directly from Troy to better understand the situation. His research and advice were clear and understandable and really allowed our company to have much-needed guidance on how to best proceed.” Dr. Jonathan Manwaring, Chief Medical Officer


“I honestly can’t thank you enough. I had met with one other lawyer prior to speaking to you and wasn’t comfortable. I was thinking of just dropping the entire thing but you have made me feel so comfortable and cared for, that is worth more than anything and I will be forever grateful for your compassion during such a difficult time. It’s speaks volumes to your character. Amy J.”

“I just wanted to tell you again how wonderful and kind you are! You actually care…. I will ALWAYS keep your contact information and refer you every chance I get.” Kristen G.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Troy Foster at The Foster Group. Troy was very attentive to all the information I supplied regarding my case. Troy was diligent in the clarification of all the details. He was genuinely concerned and offered emotional support. I was very comfortable and felt reassured during the entire process. He settled my case beyond my expectations in a very short time frame. I would highly recommend him.” Christina C.

“Troy’s knowledge combined with his kindness and understanding helped me get through a very difficult life-altering situation. He is a person first – not a typical lawyer. He was a problem solver!” Tina M.

“Troy was extremely responsive and cost-effective! He was attentive to detail and was very thorough in explaining everything that needed to be completed! He went way beyond my expectations to get this done for me. I highly recommend Troy Foster for all of your legal needs!” Kimberly H.

“This firm and Troy Foster, in particular, went above and beyond what I expected. It is clear that he understands employment issues and has a lot of experience. But what really was a benefit to me was that he listened to me and helped me achieve what I wanted. On my budget. I would recommend him to anyone. You can trust Troy.” Devin R.

“Troy Foster is an extremely smart and highly experienced employment lawyer who has worked extensively and very successfully with both employers and employees, as well as in-house. Troy’s deep and varied background, and his smarts and awareness, give him unusual insight that can be a huge benefit to his clients.” Eduardo Robaina, Employment Lawyer


“Troy has practiced on both sides – as a defense lawyer and representing individuals in employment claims. This was invaluable in our mediation with him. He was able to take our rather complex case, analyze it, and discuss the strengths/weaknesses with both parties. The case was settled and everyone felt respected and had high praise for Troy. He will be on my mediator rotation.” John P.