Phoenix Employment Mediation Lawyer

Employment law disputes have the potential to monopolize critical resources and do immense damage. Mediation offers employers and employees an efficient, cost-effective and amicable method of dispute resolution. Mediation can provide an opportunity for everyone to have their concerns heard, evaluated and acted on.

The Foster Group offers mediation services from an experienced mediator who has a unique perspective on the issues facing employers and employees in the health care sector. Lead attorney Troy Foster served as a human resources director and corporate privacy officer prior to beginning his legal career. His legal experience includes serving as general counsel and senior director of legal affairs for a health care law center.

White-Glove Treatment From A Qualified Mediator

Troy Foster strives to achieve lasting solutions through mediation for employers and employees throughout Arizona. He understands that, for the most part, nobody is going to emerge from mediation having gotten the exact outcome they want. Compromise is an inherent part of mediation and requires a thoughtful approach that recognizes the unique needs of each party.

You can rely on Troy and his colleagues to lead and facilitate an orderly process, providing peace of mind by making sure all parties understand what is expected of them throughout the process. They utilize accomplished HR business consultants and devote their resources to uncovering and resolving all the issues at stake.

Take The First Step Toward Resolution Today

If you think mediation may be the right approach for you, contact The Foster Group today through the firm’s online contact form or call 602-461-7990 to arrange a consultation with an experienced mediator.