Phoenix Racial Discrimination Lawyer

In 2020, the EEOC collected over $430 million to resolve claims of discrimination by employers to pay out to employees. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, racial discrimination in Phoenix, Arizona is an important concept to understand because it’s illegal at both federal and state levels. The Foster Group provides legal help to both employers and employees affected by racial discrimination in Phoenix. You can learn more or schedule a case evaluation by scheduling your confidential consultation now. 

What Is Racial Discrimination? 

Racial discrimination is defined as unfair treatment toward a job applicant or employee based on their actual or perceived:

  • Color
  • Hair texture
  • Skin complexion
  • Facial features
  • Being married to someone of a certain or perceived race or color
  • Associating with others of a certain or perceived race or color

Racial discrimination can occur even if the victim and perpetrator are of the same race or color. Examples of racial discrimination include, but are not limited to, harassment, racial slurs, derogatory comments, and offensive symbols. Discriminatory employment practices and policies are additional examples. 

Federal Laws Preventing Racial Discrimination

Title VII is a federal law that prevents many types of employment discrimination for both job applicants and employees. This law makes it illegal for most employers, including federal contractors, private businesses, non-profits, and government agencies, to discriminate against applicants and employees because of their actual or perceived race. 

A person’s actual or perceived race may be determined or guessed by an employer or another employee based on the person’s appearance. Examples may include a person’s hair texture, complexion, or even certain facial characteristics. Title VII also makes it illegal to discriminate against someone because of their spouse’s actual or perceived race or because of the actual or perceived race of the people the applicant or employee associates with. 

When employees believe that they’ve been discriminated against in this manner, they must file a claim with the EEOC. 

Does Arizona Law Prevent Racial Discrimination?

Arizona’s Civil Rights Act makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against individuals because of their race or color. Besides the State’s Civil Rights Act, some cities, including Phoenix, may have their own ordinances that also determine whether certain actions are illegal. 

Because there are federal, state, and even city ordinances that impact employers, it is crucial that employers work with an experienced team of racial discrimination attorneys that can assist them in minimizing the likelihood of these serious claims. 

Employees may have the right to file a legal claim not just at the federal level with the EEOC, but also at the State level. 

How Can The Foster Group’s Phoenix Racial Discrimination Lawyers Help?

The Foster Group’s racial discrimination attorneys in Phoenix can help whether you’re an employee or an employer. If you’re an employee, you may have both a federal claim and a state claim. There are special steps that must be taken at the federal level before you receive the right to sue. However, you may still have a valid state claim. And we can help. Schedule your confidential consultation for a case review now. 

For employers, we recognize that racial discrimination can happen without your direct knowledge. And we’re here to help. Our experienced Phoenix racial discrimination attorneys can help you develop a plan to avoid future issues, solve the current issue at hand, and work with federal and state agencies as well. Schedule your confidential consultation now!