Phoenix Sexual Harassment Lawyer

When we go to work, we expect to feel a level of security and safety. When that security is destroyed by sexual harassment, you may not know where to turn. The Foster Group is here to help protect you. Schedule your confidential consultation now to understand your rights under federal and state law. 

What Sexual Harassment Means

Unfortunately, when sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, you may not feel safe in your ability to report it. You may not even be sure that what occurred is sexual harassment. Thankfully, the lines are pretty black and white in these instances. 

Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual advances, including touch or comments, requests for sexual favors, or jokes and comments that are sexual in nature. However, it is not limited to this definition. Sexual harassment can also be remarks about your sexual orientation or gender

What Do You Do When You Have Been Victimized in the Workplace?

When you’re the victim of this type of harassment, you may not know your rights or even where to start.  Our skilled Phoenix sexual harassment attorneys at The Foster Group can help you. We know the importance of filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and with the State’s Civil Rights Commission in a timely fashion. Even with the allowed time from the date of the harassment, the sooner you file your complaint, the better. We will help with this step, and with every step thereafter. Our goal is to help our clients during these difficult times and prove their claims while working towards the best possible outcome available. 

If you fail to file in one of these offices, you may waive your right to file a lawsuit for the harassment. Hiring a Phoenix sexual harassment attorney that is skilled in employment law and understands these steps is crucial in helping your claim. Contact The Foster Group today for your confidential consultation. 

What Will the EEOC Do After Receiving the Complaint?

After the EEOC receives your complaint, they will launch an investigation into the allegations. Providing all proof of sexual harassment can help them during their investigation. During the investigation, the EEOC may suggest that all parties involved attend mediation to settle the matter without going to court. Mediation may only proceed if all parties involved agree to go forward with this option. Meanwhile, the EEOC will continue its investigation, interviewing witnesses, and going over any evidence in the case. 

What Damages Can Be Awarded?

In sexual harassment cases, the damages can quickly add up. An employee who is the victim of sexual harassment in Phoenix may be awarded:

  • Pay for any time missed due to the harassment
  • Monetary damages, starting at $50,000, but not more than $300,000
  • Attorney and court costs

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If you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment, you likely just want this chapter to end quickly. Thankfully most employers are more inclined to settle outside of court, and with an experienced sexual harassment attorney like those at The Foster Group, we can help you get the compensation that you deserve and allow you to put this nightmare behind you. Contact us today for your confidential consultation and allow us to get started fighting the war for you.