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What is the False Claims Act?

You probably have some familiarity with whistleblower laws. However, do you know what the very first one was?  The National Whistleblower Center explains the first law to protect whistleblowers occurred in 1863 and is known as the False Claims Act. It occurred under...

What can I consider when hiring?

If you own a business in Arizona, you know how difficult it can be to make decisions about hiring, paying and terminating your employees. Anti-discrimination laws determine what factors you may or may not consider when making these decisions. Failing to adhere to...

What does the FMLA mean for you?

The Family and Medical Leave Act is the federal law that allows you up to 12 weeks’ leave from your job each year to handle your or your family’s medical situations. As FindLaw explains, however, this law applies to you only if you and your employer qualify for it. ...