What are common signs of a toxic work culture?

You spend many hours at work, so doing it in a negative culture may significantly strain your life. A toxic workplace may impact your body in ways you cannot imagine.

How do you know if your workplace is influencing your life? Learn a bit about some of the common elements in a toxic workplace.

What is the policy for dealing with discontent?

You are never going to get along with everyone. Email and text messages make it very easy to make negative comments without fear of immediate consequences. An employer who allows things such as gossip and drama to overrun the job floor is feeding into it. When the words and actions rise to harassment, it may become time to act to address it at a human resources level.

Is the turnover rate higher than most?

High employee resignation rates are a great way to determine if there is something inherently wrong with the employer. A toxic company will not do much to discover how or why employees leave in droves, and the turnover will continue. The culture of “it is not my problem” is pervasive in toxic cultures.

Do you have a shot at climbing the ladder?

Stagnant employee growth is a leading indicator of something amiss at a management level. A toxic workplace does not encourage its workers to become leaders. Rather, it does everything possible to keep the old guard in place without disruption, including allowing poor behavior among supervisors and staff.

If you are nervous about going to work every day, ask yourself if it is because the office culture breeds negativity and toxicity.