3 positive reinforcement methods that boost workplace compliance

Failure to comply with safety regulations and other important rules can result in lawsuits that will seriously harm your business. As an employer, you are always on the lookout for ways to improve the overall compliance within the teams you are managing.

Positive reinforcement is a reliable tool for improving productivity in the workplace, and there are ways that it can boost compliance as well.

Verbal recognition

The simplest thing a manager can do when employees display good compliance habits is to smile and thank them. When it is clear that your team member took the employee handbook to heart, recognize the effort and offer praise for taking initiative in making the company a better place.

Financial bonus

A pay bonus can be a sensible incentive to make available when a given amount of time passes without any compliance issues. This method will be most effective if you continue to consistently provide bonuses at the determined interval so that your team will always know you are reinforcing their behavior.

Reward system

A workplace reward system is something that you may offer in addition to the compensation that a manager agrees to provide at the time of hire. Office parties, team trips and gift cards are all examples of rewards that you might offer in exchange for consistently compliant behavior.

If you face a lawsuit due to legal compliance issues, an attorney with experience in employment law can help you navigate your options. To avoid such issues in the future, consider implementing positive reinforcement methods into your management strategy.