Going over examples of age discrimination

Whether you are applying for a job at an older age or you are facing hardships in the workplace because of how old you are, discrimination based on your age can lead to emotional, financial and career-related consequences. Moreover, age discrimination occurs in many ways and even seemingly subtle discrimination could upend your life.

It is important to review various examples of unlawful discrimination and determine the best course of action if your employer fails to respect your rights.

How does age discrimination occur?

Sometimes, workers lose their jobs once they reach a certain age, even though they are fully capable of performing their job duties. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, age discrimination takes other forms as well. For example, some job applicants are wrongly rejected solely because of their age.

In some instances, harassment also constitutes unlawful treatment and victims are able to take legal action as a result of their experiences. For example, if you experience repeated and severe harassment as a result of your age and this leads to a hostile work environment, take a look at your options.

How can age discrimination victims move forward?

In the workplace, older workers encounter different challenges, but age discrimination is especially concerning. If you are thinking about filing a complaint, look into time limits and make sure you gather evidence and take action swiftly.

Do not allow yourself to feel intimidated. Sadly, some victims of discrimination stay silent because they worry about retaliation. From wrongful dismissal to demotions, rejected applications and harassment, employers who fail to respect the rights of workers must answer.