Women in low-wage, service jobs frequent victims of harassment

Sexual harassment impacts men and women from all lines of work. However, some individuals are more prone to being victims of this type of harassment than others. Women experience work-related sexual harassment at much higher rates than men. Also, women who work in certain industries experience sexual harassment far more than those in others. 

According to Vox, work-related sexual harassment impacts somewhere between about 25% and 85% of all working women. In what industries do women experience particularly high rates of sexual harassment? 

Industries where sexual harassment is prevalent

You may be more likely to experience sexual harassment if you work in a male-dominated industry, such as construction or the automotive field. If you work in a lower-wage environment, such as in hotel housekeeping or farming, you may also face a higher chance of experiencing this treatment than your peers in other industries. 

If you work as a bartender, server or in another role where you count on tips to make your living, your chance of falling victim to sexual harassment is higher than it would be otherwise. When you and others rely on tips to get by, this may breed sexual harassment. Why? Under these circumstances, you may be more likely to let customers or clients get away with mistreating you because speaking up might impact your pay. 

Retaliation after reporting sexual harassment

Research shows that you also face a high chance of your employer retaliating against you for reporting sexual harassment. About 75% of those who file such reports experience retaliation after doing so. 

Research shows that female workers are more likely to come forward with allegations of sexual harassment if their employers give them clear examples of what this type of harassment might look like.