Making an employee handbook that your workers will read

An employee handbook is a great way for you to address industry-wide policies and compliance, as well as introduce your workers to company policies. You can outline your expectations and inform your employees of the benefits of performing their jobs with accuracy. 

The problem with a variety of informational materials is that they lack appeal. Designing your employee handbook to capture the interest of your workers may encourage them to use it as a valuable resource to help them in their jobs. 

Incorporate culture

Company culture plays an important role in helping your workers to feel motivated to show up each day. According to Human Resources Today, match your tone to your company culture. Reinforce the values and characteristics of your organization in the way you present information throughout the handbook. 

The way you communicate says a lot about your commitment to developing and maintaining your culture. Because an employee handbook is a tool for communication, writing it with your culture as the driving force behind content development can make it more relatable for your employees. 

Include humor

Everyone appreciates good, clean humor. Employee handbooks do not have to be all formal and no fun. Find appropriate and clever ways to use humor to encourage your employees to read the content. One way you can do this is through the inclusion of periodic graphics that illustrate a point in a light-hearted manner. 

One of the most important things to remember is that your workers need convenient access to the handbook or its use declines. For example, if a vast majority of your workers telecommute, consider an e-book version of the handbook.