What accommodation obligations do employers owe disabled workers?

As a disabled employee, you require specific accommodations in your Arizona workplace to perform your job duties. You started a new job recently, and your employer does not understand its obligations to provide you with reasonable accommodations.

To help you both, read what the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission notes as employer responsibilities for disabled workers. Protect your rights by learning your rights.

Understanding reasonable accommodations

Reasonable accommodations allow disabled employees to engage in the job application process, partake in the same employee advantages as able-bodied workers and carry out standard job duties. Employers may change a work environment or position to accommodate disabled employees.

Examples of reasonable accommodations

So, what specific accommodations might you qualify for? You have the right to ask your boss to restructure your position or modify your work schedule. If you require specific devices or equipment to complete your job duties, you can ask your employer to buy or modify them. If you feel better qualified for a vacant position, you may request reassignment. Disabled employees may also request access to interpreters and readers. If you need modified or adjusted job training materials or exams, you have the right to ask for them, and the same applies to workplace policies.

Violation of the right to reasonable accommodations

You must understand when your employer violates your employee rights and your right to reasonable accommodations. When companies fail to accommodate employees with known mental or physical obstacles, they violate the Americans with Disabilities Act. That said, employers may deny accommodations that involve a major investment or hassle.

Disabled employees have the right to work comfortably. Do not let your company get away with violating your rights or the law.