UPS eases appearance restrictions

Discrimination takes various forms, from demoting an employee due to their racial background or firing them as a result of their religious views. In some instances, companies deny promotions or refuse to hire those who have lengthy hair or beards due to their faith. In Phoenix, and across the state of Arizona, employees who experience any form of discrimination (or other employee rights violations) need to address the mistreatment promptly. 

Employers and staff members need to understand the different ways in which religious discrimination manifests and prevent mistreatment from occurring in the workplace. Fortunately, some companies are taking steps to protect the rights of their employees. 

UPS allows religious exemptions for beards 

According to a piece that recently appeared on, UPS recently lifted restrictions regarding the personal appearance of staff members, a move that promotes diversity and helps safeguard the rights of workers with certain religious beliefs. In addition to allowing beards for religious reasons, UPS also allows employees who regularly deal with the public (primarily delivery truck drivers) to have longer hair and longer mustaches. Furthermore, restrictions related to an employee’s gender (such as the length of their shorts) were also eased. 

UPS dealt with allegations of discrimination

During 2018, UPS paid a fine totaling $4.9 million over allegations that the company’s restrictions regarding hair constituted discrimination. In fact, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claimed that UPS workers who had long hair or beards could not hold positions involving contact with customers. Moreover, the EEOC accused UPS of denying promotions to those whose religious views violated the company’s personal appearance requirements.