Month: November 2020

UPS eases appearance restrictions

Discrimination takes various forms, from demoting an employee due to their racial background or firing them as a result of their religious views. In some instances, companies deny promotions or refuse to hire those who have lengthy hair or beards due to their faith. In Phoenix, and across the state of Arizona, employees who experience…

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What are Qui Tam Actions?

It is likely that you have heard of some famous whistleblowers in the past. Whistleblowing is when an employee of either the government or a business refuses to participate in fraudulent dealings. The Whistleblower will then “blow the whistle” on the fraud. Whistleblowers can exist in all business verticals, but there are special provisions for…

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What are the different types of sexism at work?

While many great strides towards equality have been made over the years, sexism is still a factor in many workplaces. Sexist attitudes and behaviors discourage women and prevent them from meeting their professional goals. It also creates an uncomfortable work environment, which impacts staff as well as employers. According to Forbes, there are two type…

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