Retaliation by Amazon cited in wrongful termination lawsuit

Most people in Arizona might assume that wrongful termination lawsuits arise from employees claiming an unwarranted dismissal despite having completed their job functions. Yet one common factor that many may not appreciate enough is the potential for employer retaliation.

Employees should feel confident in bringing up issues they see in their employer’s operations without the fear of retaliation (indeed, the motivation for such action is often to improve working conditions). Yet if it appears as though an employer disciplined an employee for reporting on any issues, said employee may have cause to seek legal action.

Amazon employee claims firing was retaliation

A former employee of the online retailer Amazon recently took such action in the wake of his dismissal. Law Street Media reports that the man believes his firing to be the result of him reporting what he viewed as illegal activities to company management. The company, for its part, disputes his assertion, stating instead that his disciplinary action was the result of an ongoing feud he had with a fellow employee. The man’s job included ensuring that employees in one of the company’s warehouses adhered to safety guidelines related to COVID-19. He claims that this employee repeatedly ignored such guidelines, refusing to social distance and not property wearing personal protective equipment. The company claims the man became over-zealous in his enforcement attempts, going so far as to threaten the employee.

Fighting to bring facts to light

This case demonstrates one of the great challenges inherent with wrongful termination lawsuits (that being to have to challenge the word of a reputable organization). Such a challenge requires a firm knowledge of the law on top of one’s certainties about the inequity of the actions taken against them. An experienced attorney may be just the resource one needs in such a scenario.