Lawsuit filed over cardiologist’s dismissal

When people hear about wrongful termination lawsuits, it may be easy for them to automatically side with the proverbial “little guy,” the employee fighting against the perceived corporate machine. Yet an important point to remember in such cases us that there are always two sides to every story (and both need consideration before passing judgment).

It may be difficult to be completely objective when considering any type of dispute (much less a professional one), yet such is what one owes both sides of such a disagreement when considering who might be at fault.

Doctor and healthcare network square off over firing

A recent lawsuit filed by a doctor in Florida illustrates how complex a wrongful termination case can be. Per the Tampa Bay Times, the man (a cardiologist) contends that his dismissal was retaliation for him reporting the substandard care at the network’s cardiac catheterization lab (which he says was part of the job the company hired him to do). For its part, however, the healthcare network claims that the doctor was not dismissed for any type of whistleblower activity, but rather for making controversial comments about killing people with guns. Indeed, the company even points to the fact that prior to the doctor’s termination, it placed him on leave due to the comments, and that law enforcement even became involved after security officials at the hospital where the doctor worked complained about him (no investigation ever commenced, however).

Fighting for fairness

As one can see from the aforementioned case, both sides in a wrongful termination complaint may have compelling arguments supporting their respective assertions. Because of this, both sides may feel completely justified in fighting to have their points heard and considered if and when a dispute devolves into legal action. Having reliable legal counsel when pursuing such action may be vital to one’s chances for a favorable outcome.