Employment laws and companies with federal contracts

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs has requirements to help ensure contractors do not discriminate against their employees. A company contracted by the federal government and found practicing discrimination may face penalties. It may also result in the loss of future federal government contract opportunities. 

As reported by KJZZ 91.5, an employment discrimination violation may include paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wages plus interest. Affected workers and applicants typically report incidents of discrimination to the Department of Labor. 

Workplace incidents may lead to a discrimination case

After receiving an employee’s complaint, an official may begin an investigation into a company’s actions. Discrimination may include disparaging remarks or not hiring an individual based on age, race or gender. Lesser pay for equal work or a continuing lack of consideration for promotions may also spark an investigation. 

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, discrimination includes harassing an individual over his or her gender identification. Individuals may perceive a hostile work environment based on their choice of a preferred gender pronoun. In such cases, an employer may have violated federal labor laws. 

Employers may avoid penalties through proactive programs

Penalties for labor violations may include paying restitution to the affected employees or applicants. Many settlements, however, have resulted in companies creating specialized training programs focused on preventing discrimination. 

Preparing a proactive policy document designed to protect against discrimination may help ensure that a company stays free of labor violations. It may also help secure federal contracts. Encouraging open communication between managers and employees reflects another approach to deterring discrimination.