Phoenix company sued over alleged racial discrimination

Employees who work in Arizona expect their employers to treat them with respect and acknowledge their basic rights. When these rights are violated and employees are harassed or mocked due to their race or place of origin, it can seriously affect their self-esteem and make their jobs difficult to perform.

When racial discrimination occurs, employers may find themselves entangled in legal actions taken by employees who were made to feel unsafe or ridiculed.

A hostile workplace

JD Supra reports that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing a Phoenix barricade and trench construction company over allegations that it harassed two Hispanic employees. The two individuals claim they were subjected to an unsafe and hostile work environment as both managers and other employees used ethnic slurs and other hostile language during the course of their employment. The two men further claim that the company took retaliatory actions when they decided to file a lawsuit with the EEOC.

Multiple damages sought

The EEOC notes that it attempted to settle this case out of court, but negotiations were not successful. The reason for the failure is unknown, and the case will continue in Arizona District Court. The details of the lawsuit reveal a variety of compensatory damages including punitive damages and back wages.

When employees bring forward harassment charges to their employers, the latter has the responsibility to listen without prejudice and ensure the safety of its workers, no matter their origin. Not only is such discrimination illegal, but it can also seriously affect a worker’s daily life at the workplace and cause them to feel unsafe and undervalued.