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Month: July 2020

What are your basic rights as an employee?

In Arizona, you do not have the right to a job, but once you become an employee, you have quite a few basic rights. Both federal and state statutes establish these rights. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission explains that most of your employee rights come from...

What happens if you do not receive your bonus?

Arizona employers are required to pay employees the salary they have earned. In some industries, employees earn commission and/or bonuses in addition to their normal wages.  If you have worked hard to earn a bonus, commission or fringe benefits, and are not paid...

Four things to know about divorce in Arizona

There is a lot to know about the divorce process, and many people who decide to divorce only begin to learn about it once they have made the decision to pursue it. Before filing for divorce, it is beneficial for Phoenix residents to do their research, hire...

3 signs of disability discrimination at work

If you live with a disabling physical condition, the American with Disabilities Act makes it illegal for your employer, co-workers and clients to discriminate against you because of your disability. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission also states that if...