What does pregnancy discrimination look like?

Arizona employees have the right to continue working after pregnancy. In fact, there are many protections in place. They aim to keep workplace discrimination from targeting pregnant individuals. 

Unfortunately, even these measures do not stop all instances of workplace discrimination. Today we will look at signs of discrimination against pregnant workers. This way, you can keep an eye out for them. 

Signs of harassment against pregnant workers 

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discusses pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. It is often “hard to spot”. This is especially true in comparison to other forms of harassment. For example, most people understand they are facing sexual harassment when it occurs. But harassment against pregnant workers is often more subtle. 

People doing the discriminating may disguise it as concern for the pregnant worker. Let us say they are trying to create social isolation. They may do this by refusing to invite the pregnant worker to events and activities off the clock. But they may claim they do this to keep stress on the mother low. It is also common to claim it is for their comfort. This way, they do not have to feel guilty about not drinking at social events with alcohol. 

Actions pregnant workers can take 

When a person feels targeted for their pregnancy, what can they do? They should pay attention to the actions of their coworkers and superiors. Are they left out of things more often? This does not just include social events. It includes meetings, promotional opportunities and more. This could be an attempt at making life easier for them, or it could be a sign of discrimination. Do not be afraid to act on suspicion and inquire investigations.